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The Urgency of Workplace Engagement

Posted On 31-Jul-2017 07:08:34 By admin_kpintar


It is undeniable that employee engagement is the driving force behind the growth and sustainability or any organisation. It is an approach resulting in the right conditions for all employees to give their very best on a day to day basic and help achieve the goal and objectives of the company. Employee engagement is based on trust, integrity, commitment and communication between everyone in an organisation.


  • Better engagement means better productivity
    An employee who is engaged at work will fell a connection with the company. They firmly believe that what they are doing is important and therefore will work extra hard to ensure the best results. By contrast, if the employee feels detached from the company, he will not feel the need to give it his best and that will definitely effect the productivity of the organisation.

  • Engaged employees are less likely to quit.
    Picture this, you have the most loving, understanding and perfect partner in the world. Would you willingly give up that partner of yours? The obvious answer will be no. Just like a partner, the same principle applies to employees and their company. If the members feel engaged and appreciated, they are less likely to look for employments at other places. Fostering the employee engagement culture is one of the keys to reducing the turnover rates in a company. The bottom line is, if an employeeis happy at a place, he will never want to leave it.

  • Employee engagement promotes positivity
    Non-engagement can result in negativity. Employees who are disengaged from the company will never have anything good to say about their company. They will constantly complain to anyone who is willing to listen as a way for them to vent their frustration. By contrast, employee engagement promotes love for the company. This can be seen in their actions when they brag about their organisation to their family or friends. In the long run, it will benefit the company as this will spread good news about the company.

Now that we have already established the importance of workplace engagement, it is time to address the most fundamental issue which is how to ensure workplace engagement. There are a number of ways to promote or ensure workplace engagement:-

  • Focus on growth and employee recognition
    Workplace engagement has to start on the very first day of the employee being at work for it to be effective in the long run. It is quite common that executive staffs are more engaged but the silver lining here is employee recognition within the organisation. Therefore, organisations have to successfully communicate, not just with the executives but also the other employees. Successful communication will promote employee recognition within the workplace.

  • Transparency and Visibility
    Transparency within the organisation is a vital factor from the very beginning as it plays an important role between the management and the staff of the organisation. Maintaining visibility, either through emails, newsletter or social media within the organisation will assist greatly in employee engagement as the employee will know the workings of the organisations and will also feel important enough to be privy of that information.

  • Hold Managers Accountable for Engagement
    Although it sounds like more work for the managers, this is actually a rather sound strategy. In any organisation, the manager is the person who interacts the most with the employees therefore it is their responsibility to keep the employees happy. Employees feel comfortable and perform better when they trust the leaders of the organisation.

 On the whole, the basic human behaviour can be explored using Maslow’s hierarchy of need. There are six stages in Maslow’s hierarchy and they are:-

  1. Certainty/Safety
  2. Variety
  3. Significance
  4. Love Connection
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution

To ensure full growth and sustainability at any organisation, the management has to fulfil the 6 stages in the hierarchy.

I feel that it’s only when we each take a holistic approach to connection and fulfilment in our own lives that we will see anything nearing 100 per cent engagement in our businesses.We should all make increasing engagement our number one strategic objective for the next few years.


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