We all learn new things every day in our jobs, but there is a difference between just picking up experience and actively pursuing new skills, information and qualifications. The most successful people know that to achieve their career goals it’s important to be proactive and expand their skills. Whether it’s working on your current skill set, exploring a new area of expertise or embarking on a whole new career, upskilling and planning plays a vital role in giving your career momentum. But technology is in constant flux so up skilling and planning are essential tools to keep up to date with the latest gear, techniques and developments within your chosen sphere.

Planning and Upskilling are more than just mastering a new technique or feature in a software update or on a new piece gear; it’s also an opportunity to feed your curious mind, enhance your skills and mix with colleagues in a likeminded environment. It involves the alignment of IT initiatives to business goals and strategies.

 The IT Planning Certification programs explore how proper IT planning creates long-term business value while conserving IT resources for the organisation. You will learn principles, concepts, best practices and real implementation issues related to IT planning.  Workshops and discussions are utilised extensively to foster interaction and to reinforce an understanding of the content in real world practice with day-to-day issues that come from actual experiences. 



“Mental Health Issues in the Workplace” 
In recent years, a large number of people have been spending  more  and more time in the office which in turn has resulted in the drastic rise in mental health issues at the workplace.
“The Urgency of Workplace Engagement” 
Research has shown that organisations with high levels of employee engagement are more efficient and effective. There are several reasons on why workplace engagement is important
“Why Your Leadership Needs to Be Agile” 
Leaders and managers need to be more agile and start moving out of their comfort zones and start moving with the times to ensure the growth and sustainability of their organisation.