Change management is the people side of any organizational change—whether you’re fixing problems, responding to market trends, or taking advantage of new opportunities.

It focuses on ensuring that your whole team embraces your new direction or adopts and learns to use your new systems and processes. Prosci goes beyond delivering a proven step-by-step approach to managing organizational change. It align the right resources, develop best-practice strategies, and effect change in your organization today and tomorrow!



PROSCI Virtual Instructor-Led Change Management Certification Programme (PROSCI VILT)

PROSCI VILT Batch 1 18-20 May 2020
PROSCI VILT Batch 2 9-11 June 2020
PROSCI VILT Batch 3 24-26 June 2020
PROSCI VILT Batch 4 7-9 July 2020
PROSCI VILT Batch 5 28-30 July 2020
PROSCI VILT Batch 6 18-20 Aug 2020
PROSCI VILT Batch 7 22-24 Sept 2020

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